I Love KDWB Radio

In June of ’92, the Twin Cities was blessed,
A morning show born, I was quite impressed.
A new voice we heard, his name was Dave Ryan,
He wasn’t from Minnesota, but he sure was tryin’.

Over the years, there was Crisco, Lena and a gal named Lee,
Angi, Cory, but now there’s just three.
But with Dave, Steve-O and Falen Bonsett,
We are experiencing, the best trio yet.

As for me, a faithful listener, while in my car,
Or on iHeartRADIO, when listening from afar.
With many great bits, over the years,
It’s still Christmas wish, that brings me to tears.

So after 20 years, he’s become one of us.
Even when listeners, put up an “insensitive” fuss.
But eventually, all good things come to an end,
Until that time, I’m your loyal listener friend.