Need to replace your Kamado Joe firebox? It’s easy to do.

A couple of weeks ago when cleaning my Kamado Joe, I noticed a number of small cracks in my Kamado Joe firebox towards the base.

If this happen to you, the first thing to do is to contact customer service either on-line or via the telephone.

Fill out an on-line warranty claim (don’t forget a picture) and within 24 hours you should receive an email back. For me,  my firebox was under warranty. My new firebox was free of charge, including shipping.

About two weeks later, my new firebox arrived. Instead of the one-piece firebox and fire ring, I received the brand-new multi-piece firebox. The new multi-piece firebox is now standard in the Kamado Joe Classic II (manufactured dates starting in 2017).

Setting up the new Kamado Joe multi-piece firebox is really easy to do. In fact, within about 10 minutes I had my Kamado Joe cleaned and my new multi-piece firebox installed.

Steps For Replacing Your Kamado Joe Firebox

First, clean out all the ash within the Kamado Joe. For me, I love to use my PitHawg BBQ Ash Vacuum. The PitHawg even sucks up small pieces of left over coal.

Second, remove your old firebox and discard. As you can see in the video below, my small cracks turned into larger cracks as a result of using my Kamado Joe over the past couple of weeks.

Third, place the patented ash pan on the base of the Kamado Joe and align the pull out handle with the bottom vent opening. Then place the base on the multi-piece firebox on top of the ash pan.

Fourth, begin to assemble the multi-piece firebox by connecting the first two side pieces of the firebox. There is a groove on the base in which the sides will rest. If the firebox is loose after you have connected the first couple of pieces, do not worry.

Next, take the metal fire ring and place it on top of the loosely connected sides of the multi-piece Kamado Joe firebox. The notch for the fire ring should easily fit on top of the sides of the firebox.

For me, the easiest way to finish the adjusting of my firebox was to put my finger in to the air vent openings and pull the firebox towards the center of the Kamado Joe. By doing so, I was able to adjust each of the side pieces of the multi-piece Kamado Joe firebox and the entire firebox was not loose.

You can put the firebox grate (ribbed side down) back in to firebox if you’d like; however, I prefer to use the Kick Ash Basket in my Kamado Joe. You can use the Kick Ash Basket with or without the firebox grate and I like to use it without the grate for better air flow.

Lastly, put the divide-and-conquer system back in your Kamado Joe and you will be ready to grill.

Below you will find a full video on how easy it is to replace the Kamado Joe Firebox. If you’d like to subscribe to my YouTube channel you can do so here.