These Chicken Wings Are Amazing

I like to think of barbecue as a religion, so when it comes to chicken wings, chicken wings should really be one of the seven deadly sins.

Now I know what you are thinking, aren’t the seven deadly sins, pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth? Well yes, but I take pride in knowing that once you eat my chicken wings, you will have lust and envy and maybe even feel like a sloth!

So what is the trick for me making perfect chicken wings? Ones that are NOT deep-fried, but have perfect crispy skin? Shhhh…don’t tell anyone, but it is a rotisserie. Specifically I am talking about the JoeTisserie from Kamado Joe.

Rotisserie Chicken Wings

I know by know I may have lost you, but if you have never made chicken wings using a rotisserie, then you clearly haven’t made the best chicken wings yet.

I’ve smoked a ton of wings and they turn out amazing as well, but I usually have to kick up the smoker to a higher temperature to sear the wings and crisp them up just a wee bit.

Lord knows I have also burned a few too many of my perfectly smoked chicken wings during this sear process because it doesn’t take long to sear. Blink a few too many times and you’ve got burned chicken wings.

My first couple of times using the rotisserie for my chicken wings I attached a flat basket to my JoeTisserie and away my wings spun. Unfortunately due to the size of the flat basket, I could only get at most 12 chicken wings inside the flat basket. And trust me, 12 chicken wings for me is like a light snack.

While using a flat basket, sometimes a wing would slip out and I would curse up towards the sky and say, “Why?????”

Then when I was recently perusing through my Instagram feed (hint: you can follow me here) I came across a tumbler basket from Napoleon Products.

Chicken Wings Tumbler Basket

I ordered up my tumbler basket and before you know it, I was ready to sin…I mean spin my chicken wings.

The Napoleon Products tumbler comes in two stainless steel pieces and not only can you tumble chicken wings, but you can also tumble vegetables, shrimp, potatoes or pretty much anything you’d like to get a nice crispy outer surface.

Not to get too far ahead of myself, but the stainless steel baskets cleaned up easily and I was able to put these into the dishwasher. The pieces also, kinda sorta nest in one another for a more compact way to store your basket when not being used.

Prepping The Wings

For chicken wings you can prepare them a variety of different ways. Some will use rubs or marinades, while others might just leave them dry.

I like to use an ample amount of dry rub. Sometimes I will make it myself, but other times I will use a commercial product. For these chicken wings, I was using a new spice I recently received, Island Thyme by Caribeque.

After I defrosted 20 chicken wings, I poured a liberal amount of extra virgin olive oil on my wings and then dashed a fair amount of Island Thyme on to my chicken wings.

Once massaged, I put the chicken wings into a ziplock bag and away they went into the fridge for a three-hour nap.

Firebox Set Up

For my first spin using my tumbler basket, I fired up Fogo Charcoal, attached my Flameboss and set my pit temperature to 350. Some folks like to bank charcoal towards the back of their Kamado grill and I say hogwash. I’ve found that having a full basket of charcoal gives me more even cooking results.

To use the pit probe with the JoeTisserie, I place the pit probe wire underneath the JoeTisserie steel ring. My preference is to put the pit probe in the front.

You can also use some smoking chips if you’d like, but since this is a very short smoke, it isn’t necessary. However, if I am using smoking woods, my preferences are cherry, oak or maple wood.

Rotisserie’ing Chicken Wings

I typically take my meat out of the refrigerator 30 to 60 minutes before starting my cook. Normally I will do this once I get my charcoal lit and depending on the type of charcoal and temperature I am seeking, this is the right amount of time.

I then attached my tumbler to my spit rod and placed into my JoeTisserie steel ring. the Napoleon Products tumbler is a perfect fit for my Classic Joe or Large Big Green Egg, but it if was even a quarter-inch longer, it would not have fit. Therefore you shouldn’t have any issues with using this tumbler on your Big Joe or XL Big Green Egg.

With my temperature holding steady at 350, I put all of my wings into the tumbler, closed the top part of the basket and starting my spin.

The total cook time for my chicken wings is about 45 minutes. I typically check the wings at about 30 minutes for crispness on the skin and then pull off at 45 minutes.

With the skin nice and crispy on my wings, I typically do not sauce up my wings at all. Instead I have recently fallen in love with wing dust. Wing dust is just a little extra seasoning you want to sprinkle on at the last-minute to give your wing that extra pop.

I really like the Kosmos Q line of wing dust. I’ve tried both the Lemon Pepper and the Salt and Vinegar and I have to tell you, they will bring your chicken wing game up to a whole new level.

Best Chicken Wings Ever

So there you have it. With my tumbler basket, some great dry rub and some wing dust, for my wings you will so lust. And that is why chicken wings should be one of the seven deadly spins…I mean sins.