The Thermapen Mk4 Is Worth Every Penny

For $99.00, you might be thinking that the Thermapen Mk4 is a waste of money. But I have to tell you it is worth every penny.

You see, people always ask me what are some of my secret ingredients for making amazing barbecue.

I could tell them it starts with the meat or perhaps crafting a spectacular rub or sauce. But I always tell everyone that my number one secret ingredient is my Thermapen Mk4.

My Thermapen Journey

I had always been jealous of those that were using the awesome Thermapen and two years ago I won a Thermapen in a Twitter contest (hint: you can follow me on Twitter here).

Prior to receiving, I had tried a variety of  ways of measuring my meat temperatures: kitchen probes, probes embedded in tongs and meat button thermometers.

Inevitably at least 75% of the time, I was overcooking my meats. All of this overcooked meat was either thrown out or turned into brisket stew.

But then my Thermapen MK4 arrived and I started to smile wide.

Unboxing My Thermapen

The Thermapan Mk4 unboxing didn’t take all that long. Just take it out of the box and unfold the thermocouple probe. Within just a matter of seconds, the Thermowerks Mk4 will begin reading your temperatures.

Alas, here is my YouTube video highlighting the unboxing. Within the box is an excellent pamphlet that provides more information on temperature control and generally how to use your Thermapen Mk4.

But when it comes to actually using the Thermapen Mk4, there are so many reasons why I love this thermometer.

First, it is highly accurate within ±0.7°F (±0.4°C) from -58 to 392°F, so I never worry about my thermometer temperature being off. Don’t believe me? Then test the thermometer accuracy by boiling water and putting the thermocouple probe in to the water. When I did this test, I was consistently around 212°F, within the range of accuracy.

Second, the thermocouple probe is 4.3 inches in length, which means I can reach some of the deep sections of certain meats such as the point of a brisket; however, with the probe being so exact, I can also go into a pice of meat about 1/4 of an inch thick. This means I can get an exact reading even on thin chicken breasts.

Third, the fold away design. When I fold away the thermocouple probe, it shuts off my Thermapen Mk4. Even though the AAA battery life is around 3,000 hours, the Thermapen will also enter in to a sleep mode if you forget to fold away the probe. With the thermocouple probe folded, it makes for an easy storage in a drawer and prevents you from stabbing your hand with the probe. Come on, you know you have done that before! Or perhaps that is just me!

Fourth, water resistance. You don’t know how many times I have left my Thermapen Mk4 out in the rain or dropped it into a dutch oven of oil making donuts. And just like a Timex that keeps on ticking after a beating, the Thermapen Mk4 keeps on reading – through snow, rain or sleeting.

Fifth, the rotating, backlight display. When I open up my smoker to get a quick temperature read on my meats, the last thing I want to do is keep my smoker lid open too long. With the Thermapen Mk4, the display with rotate which ever orientation it detects, whether horizontal or vertical. You never need to worry about being able to read your temperature ever again, including at night as the backlight of the display is so easy to read.

Lastly, I know some of you might be using the Celsius system of temperature measurement. No worries there, simply open up the batter cap and you have the ability to toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Don’t Hesitate The Thermapen Mk4 Is Great

Now I know you are still thinking $99.00 for a thermometer is expensive and don’t get me wrong, it is. But it is well worth it. Just think of all the potential savings you will have by not overcooking your meats. To me that is priceless.

And even though I won this one in a Twitter contest, I have since purchased a Thermoworks Infrared laser thermometer for measuring surface temperatures of pans, skillets as well as charcoal.

So when it comes to making awesome barbecue, my secret ingredient could just help you too: The Thermapen Mk4. Without a doubt, you should check out.