Looking for boozy bourbon pineapple just like me?
Then you totally will love this recipe.
To get started what you will need, is a smoker
And a rotisserie to make this great feed.

First start off, by setting up your smoker
But don’t use any wood or it’ll be a choker.
You’ll want to be around 400 degrees
This will make your fruit, nice and crispy.

Now while your smoker is getting hot and ready
Grab a sharp knife and keep your hands steady.
Take off the top and the pineapple skin.
But leave it whole don’t cut it thin.

Next grab a prong and your rod spit
Push though the core, on the prong the fruit sits.
Then place your pineapple, within your grill
In about 45 minutes, you’ll get your fill.

Start spinning your fruit, round and round
Now let’s make your glaze, that’ll go around.
You’ll need 3 tablespoons of salted butter
But not too much or your eyes will flutter.

The butter you’ll melt, it can’t be softened
Otherwise you’ll make more glaze, than you’d like more often.
Next add 1/2 cup of sugar that’s brown
Plus a teaspoon of cinnamon, that is ground.

Put a dash of cardamon, into the mix
And 2 tablespoons of bourbon to get your fix.
Mix up the glaze with a whisk
Soon your boozy bourbon pineapple, will be a hit.

After 20 minutes of your fruit spinning
It is time to glaze and soon you’ll be grinning.
For the first glaze, use only about half
Wait about 10 minutes, have a beer and laugh.

Then you’ll want, one more glaze
Then stand back and be amazed.
As the glaze will start to caramelize
Then once you taste, it’ll be a great surprise.

After 45 minutes, you’ll remove your fruit
But be careful, don’t be a brute.
Place your pineapple. on a cutting board
Make thin slices or chop and you will be floored.

So simple, so tasty
Just take a bite
Or put on some ice cream
Perhaps vanilla is right.

So there you have it
Such a great recipe
If you love boozy bourbon
And pineapple like me.