This is a sponsored post on behalf of TimberTech and I have been compensated for this post; however, my deck was installed prior to being sponsored by TimberTech AND at my expense (which was greater than $35,000 USD). All opinions expressed in this post are mine and only mine.

When it comes to decks, I might know a thing or two. Okay, maybe three. But what I can tell you is that I am absolutely in love with my new TimberTech deck.

You see, I have been the proud – and not so proud – owner of three different decks in my lifetime.

My first deck was a treated cedar deck. However, every year or so, I had to go through the tedious task of sanding and re-staining. And don’t get me started on how difficult it was at times to clean some of my barbecue splatter.

My next deck I owned was too small. I worked with one contractor to expand my deck and it was the first time I used a composite decking material. But boy oh boy, I wish they had gone with a TimberTech product, because in less than seven years, my composite decking was warped, faded and needed to be replaced.

For over two years of stubbing my toes and not enjoying my deck anymore, I finally decided to research a wide variety of decking material and had met with several contractors. Finally, I determined that TimberTech was the best composite decking material and I went to a local contractor that had specialized in TimberTech decks.

The process of selecting the right TimberTech composite decking material was really easy to do. I already had in my mind the colors, but my contractor gave me a wide variety of samples to bring home and place against my siding of the house so I would get a sense of how the deck might look.

But if you don’t want to go to a contractor for samples, TimberTech makes it so easy to order decking material samples. All you have to do is click right here and choose your materials. Before you know it, your samples will arrive and like me, you will be smiling wide.

One of the newer products from TimberTech that I am excited to learn more about is the Multi-Width decking. I’ve always thought that is a really attractive look and makes for a distinguished looking deck. Without a doubt you will want to check it out.

As for me, once I decided on which TimberTech decking material was perfect for my deck, the process of getting all of the materials was really quick. After signing my contract, my contractors were already beginning the planning process. First was the removal of all of my old railings and floor boards. Then all of the composite decking materials were delivered, and the stairs were rebuilt.

Before you knew it, in a little over a week time, my 600 square foot deck had all of my floorboards installed, and my railing system was in place. Similar to the TimberTech railing system, you can also have lights installed on your deck posts, which makes a great visual presentation when the sun goes down.

Here is another cool thing about my deck installation. It was done in the middle of Winter, which in Minnesota, can be very challenging. Given I didn’t need any new footings, the entire process was really smooth, and I have to say, I could not wait for Spring to come soon enough so I could get out onto my new TimberTech composite deck.

Then February came along. February in the Twin Cities was the 4th snowiest month of all-time. That’s right. All-time. Since they’ve been recording snow falls that is. My new deck had nearly 40 inches of snow on it and a couple of times I went to shovel some of the snow off (hint – make sure you use a plastic shovel not a metal one) just so I could see my beautiful new deck.

Alas, March and April came soon enough the snow melted away. I was soon ready to clean my new deck and unlike my previous composite decking material, all I needed to clean my TimberTech deck was a nylon brush and water. That’s right. Pure and simple, H-Two-Oh. The deck cleaned up really well with a little power washing and I was ready to bring back all of my barbecue smokers, furniture and my herb garden.

I also took this opportunity to get a new fire pit for my deck, because well, it was looking really amazing and I couldn’t wait to spend more time out on my TimberTech deck. And I have to tell you, I think in the past month or so, I have spent more time enjoying my TimberTech deck than I have in the past several years.

Thanks to TimberTech and my contractor, my new composite deck is no longer an eyesore and I don’t have to worry about stubbing my toes any longer. My TimberTech composite deck might not help to improve my barbecue skills, but it certainly does make it a lot easier to clean up all of my barbecue spills.

So, take it from me, a proud owner of a TimberTech composite deck, if you are in the market for a new deck, then I highly encourage you to check out TimberTech. They have so many great colors for you to choose and whichever one you pick you never can lose.