Starting this weekend at Valleyfair, it’s the kickoff for their Minnesota Eats Food Festival.

Over the next four weekends, from July 13-14th through August 3-4th, you can experience four different Minnesota Eats.

There will be a classic Juicy Lucy burger, a Minnesota Comfort Food and Minnesota Fried Food (since we love all things on a stick) and of course a Minnesota Dessert.

If you are not familiar with a Juicy Lucy, there is some debate here in Minnesota over which restaurant started this phenomena or even if it is spelled correctly. Some call it a Jucy Lucy!

So what is a Juicy Lucy? It is purely simply gold. As in golden, hot lava cheese. You start off with one burger patty, then you take a small cube of cheese – often cheddar or pepper jack – and place that in the center of the patty. Then you top with another patty and grill your burger. Some of the traditionalist like to use a flat top cooker to get the perfect, caramelized sear on the burger.

We also have another Minnesota classic, hot dish. That is such a great comfort food. There are so many different recipes that you couldn’t even begin to imagine all of the possibilities.

Lastly, here in Minnesota we love food on a stick. Meat on a stick, fish on a stick, butter on a stick (yes, that is a real thing). You name it, most Minnesotans love it.

And for me, nothing beats walking around Valleyfair than a battered, deep fried cheese on a stick. Oh yeah. You know what I’m talking about. Crunchy on the outside and cheesy on the inside. Mmmm mmm good.

I have so many amazing memories of coming to Valleyfair. From roaming the Midway to eating at the old Red Garter Saloon, I have seen so many different rides come and go. But the one thing that always remains is my love and fondness for Valleyfair.

You see, I have been coming to Valleyfair for over 40 years and this year I was very happy to be selected as one of their Adventure Ambassadors.

This year there have been some very exciting things happening at Valleyfair. From new foods introduced, to chef residencies, to the the great 4th of July BBQ and I am so excited to come out to many of these events over the next several months.

As you can see, there are some exciting Minnesota Eats foods to try at Valleyfair over the next four weekends.

Minnesota Eats
Minnesota Eats Food Festival At ValleyFair

And better yet, if you’re over the age of 21, each Minnesota Eats speciality dish can be paired with a locally brewed beer! Now that is what I call a win-win.

For more information on Valleyfair’s Minnesota Eats, click here. The Minnesota Eats Food Festival ticket price is $49.99, plus applicable taxes and fees, but this also includes your admission to the park for the day. Minnesota Eats treats will be served from 12-7pm on each of the weekend days.