When it comes to making some magical and fantastical meats on my smokers and grills, I absolutely love listening to music. Now with the Altec Rockbox XL, I can listen to music or sporting games for hours and hours while tending the barbecue pit.

You see, when I am making barbecue I can cook meats low-and-slow around 225 Fahrenheit. Many of the items I will smoke can take from six to up to 15 hours in length. But even if I am just out on the smokers making burgers, I always am listening to music.

So what better way to make those hours go away then listening to some great music on the Altec Rockbox XL. With up to 20 hours of battery life, I know I will never run out of juice while waiting for my sweet meats to be complete.

Altec Rockbox

In addition to the amazing 50 watts of bass boosting sounds, the Altec Rockbox XL can really make a scene at your barbecue or party. With five different LED lighting modes, you can even match the lights to match your music.

I also love the fact there is a buiit-in USB smartphone charger, so there is no excuse to run out of power on my smartphone and let the music come to a grinding halt.

Altec Rockbox

Perhaps you also want to take the Altec Rockbox XL to the beach or to a pool party. The handle design makes for an easy carry anywhere and another very cool feature is the Altec Rockbox XL floats upright in water. So you can remain cool, while looking cool and while listening to really cool music. I call that a win-win-win.

Pairing your phone to the Altec Rockbox XL is really easy to do and very fast. But, with House Party Pairing, you can pair up to 50 compatible speakers together!

So if you are looking for a wonderful “boom box” that delivers great sound, with a long battery life, and is very stylish, then you really out to check out the Altec Rockbox XL.

For more information on the Altec Rockbox XL, visit Best Buy here.