Thank you Waste Management for sponsoring this post. Visit your local home improvement store to pick up your own Bagster® bag today! 

When it comes to cleaning my house, whether it is spring, summer or fall, Waste Management’s Bagster® bag is great for waste removal for a variety of major home cleanups. 

You see, every year I seem to accumulate a lot of different things. Sometimes it is an extra BBQ accessory, or I purchase a new prep table for BBQ competitions.

And every year I always say, I really should throw out my old table, or all of those broken accessories, or glassware, or other household items that I seem to have hoarded, I mean, retained for the previous year or so.

But the problem with accumulating new stuff, is what to do with the old stuff? After trying to use black garbage bags and getting charged a lot more for those bags that don’t fit into my garbage container, the Bagster® bag comes in as the perfect solution for all of my house cleanup needs.

In fact, this year I already decluttered a fair number of old items and had used the Bagster® bag for my disposal needs. I then decided to tackle my basement storage area and boy, the Bagster® bag once again came in handy.

For me, I can usually find the Bagster® at my local home improvement store for around $29.99 before tax. So voila, one quick trip and I had another Bagster® bag purchased and soon ready to be filled.

Preparing the Bagster® bag for filling is really easy to do. First, you want to find a good location. I prefer to leave the Bagster® at the end of my driveway. If you don’t have enough room on your driveway, you can also leave on your grass or in some cases, maybe your city will even allow you to place the Bagster® bag in the street. Just make sure you check with your local jurisdiction.

Once you open the Bagster® bag, you will want to unfold it and place it in your desired location. I have always been impressed with the durability of the Bagster® bag, especially given it can hold up to 3,300 pounds. No doubt you will be impressed as well.

To create the four sides, you will want to fold down each of the sides half-way so that you create a nice rectangle. Once folded down half-way, the sides will be rigid and provide you with the ability to fill up your Bagster® bag with confidence.

After I had my sides just the way I wanted them, I continued to add more and more accumulated stuff. And don’t worry, you can also include items from your old renovation projects, such as old drywall, or those old pieces of carpet that you replaced many years ago, but somehow just couldn’t let those remnants go.

Depending on how you load your Bagster® bag, you can get quite a lot of items inside. I’ve been able to get bricks, bikes, mattresses, broken toys, sporting equipment and even a sink and a grill that I took apart (without the gas tank please!).

The total dimension of the Bagster® bag is 4 feet in depth, 8 feet in length and 2.5 feet in height, so you can imagine that you can fill it to the brim. And previously, I was even I was able to get rid of all old my equipment from our household gym. That’s right, I finally got rid of the Thighmaster and Ab-Rollers after being unable to donate them. And yes, I had both.

Once you have the Bagster® bag filled up and ready to be picked up, scheduling your pick up online is really simple and easy to do at For me, my pick up fee is around $160.00 with tax, so if I add in the cost of the Bagster® at less than $200.00, this is still significantly cheaper and faster pickup than if I had to have a rollaway dumpster delivered to my house and removed.

Bagster® Bag

For me, I like to have the Bagster® bag removed as quickly as possible once I have it loaded. My last collection was picked up within two days of scheduling. And speaking of scheduling, you will get a three-day window for pickup.

I also received emails that told me when my pickup was going to be scheduled during the three-day window, as well as once a confirmation when Bagster® bag was collected. I really like getting these emails so I am not left to wonder if my pickup occurred – especially if I have scheduled a pickup while I am out-of-town.

So, once you are ready to tackle a home cleaning project or perhaps some renovations, without a doubt the Bagster® bag is the convenient waste removal solution that’s ready when are. Because if it works for me, it will work for you. 

For more information on the Bagster® bag, you can visit their website here for all of the FAQ regarding what can and what cannot be included in your Bagster® bag.

And, one last thing: take 15% off your next Bagster® bag collection using this coupon code: 100-08221. Offer expires 11/30/19.