The ION Boombox Deluxe Bluetooth Speaker just brought me back to my cassette days of the 80s and I love it.

You see, I’m old. I remember the days of vinyl records, 8 tracks, cassette tapes, the first Sony Walkman, the first CD player, the Betamax and on and on and on.

And the other day I was in my garage and I found some of my old cassette tapes that I use to rock out on or make my own very custom made mixtape.

But you know what I didn’t have? I didn’t have anything to play them on. Problem solved with the ION Boombox Deluxe.

Not only does the ION Boombox Deluxe pump out powerful bass and clear highs with its dual full-range speakers, but this 80s-style retro boombox not only can play all of my cassettes, but I can also stream wirelessly from any of my Bluetooth enabled devices.

ION Boombox

The ION Boombox Deluxe not only allows me to record onto a cassette from the radio, built-in microphone or external source, but I can also record all of my old cassettes onto a USB stick for playback. That way I can archive all of those classic 70s, 80s and 90s cassettes sitting in my garage collecting dust.

If you are out-and-about and don’t have an AC connection, the long-lasting rechargeable battery will last 10 hours, so it’ll be perfect for letting down your 80s hair at the beach or around a bonfire listening to the sensitive AM/FM radio with your friends.

ION Boombox

But how does the ION Boombox Deluxe sound? With the VU meters you are able to adjust any of your records to an ideal level and the bass and treble controls help provide for exact tonal customization.

ION Boombox

So if you are a little nostalgic like me and can’t throw away any of your old cassette tapes, then without a doubt you have to take a look at the ION Boombox Deluxe Bluetooth Speaker now available at Best Buy.