When it comes to noise cancelling headphones, my new Sony Wireless noise cancelling headphones sound absolutely perfect to me.

You see, I am always listening to music or sports or podcasts. And when I am listening, I love hearing the crystal clean sounds through my new Sony wireless headphones.

With the Bluetooth 4.2 interface with Near Field Communication technology, connecting my headphones to my iPhone 10 mx Max was so simple and easy to do. How about that! I was listening to music in no time flat.

Also, with the new Sony Wireless headphones and its 40mm drivers, I also have a couple of different options: in-ear or over-the-ear delivering stereo-quality crisp tones and powerful sounds.

Personally, for me I normally use the in-ear option for perhaps 80% of the time. They are perfect when I am walking my puppy or even when I have been traveling overseas.

In-Ear Headphones

I tend to use the over-the-ear Sony Wireless headphones when I am fixing up something great on my BBQ smokers or when I am doing some yard work.

Over-The-Ear Headphones

I find that the over-the-year option tends to provide slightly greater noise cancelling options than with the in-ear headphones; however, they are just significantly more bulky.

The in-ear True Noise Cancelling headphones have an amazing battery life, with six hours of battery life for Noise Cancelling and eight hours of battery life for without noise cancelling.

However, I was able to have over two weeks or over 300 hours of standby power readily available through the portable rechargeable case.

I didn’t even have to recharge my case over nearly three weeks and I listed to my true noise cancelling headphones on average for two hours ago.

In all of the wireless headphones I have tried, this was by far the longest lasting standby battery life.

With the Incredible Noise Cancelling headphones I have been able to to effectively block out all background noises so that I can enjoy an immersive sound environment. But these headphones are so good that I can’t even hear the sizzle of my BBQ. My oh my, these headphones you have to try.

The other cool thing about using these Sony Wireless headphones is the Sony Headphones app. When you use this app, you can easily change the noise cancelling from total noise cancelling to allowing the headphones to focus on voice. In fact, there are over 20 different noise cancelling settings.

With both with in-ear and over-the -ear options, you can also make simple hands-free chatting with the built-in-microphone.

Generally speaking (get the pun), I can hear the other person really well on my headphones; however, occasionally it can be a little hard for the other person to hear because the microphones are soooo good that they pick up some ambient sound while you are talking.

Overall though, I have been very pleased with both the in-ear True Noise Cancelling headphones as well as the over-the-ear Incredible Noise Cancelling headphones.

The only issue I have had with the in-ear headphones was what I call the bounce test. You see, I run a lot. And this past weekend I ran in a 5k race with the in-ear headphones.

I was bouncing on the pavement (hence the bounce test) and about 100 meters into the race, my in-ear headphones bounced out of my ears. Unfortunately I had to then run the race without any music. Although minor in the grand scheme of things, this has been my only complaint with the in-ear headphones to date.

Therefore if you are looking for a high-quality, high performance wireless headphone, then you really need to check out both the in-ear or over-the-ear Sony Wireless headphones now available at Best Buy.

Trust me, your ears will thank me later.