I have to tell you, I might have just found the perfect pair of headphones and sunglasses combined together in the Bose Sunglasses.

I have been searching for years, but the Bose sunglasses are the perfect combination of crystal clear, personalized sound with a stylish design that is bound to turn heads.

Well, I know it has already, because people keep asking me about these cool sunglasses I am wearing!

You see, when it comes to headphones and sunglasses, I might just know a thing or two. But until the Bose Alto and Rondo sunglasses, I was never ever able to find anything worthy that combined both the high quality sound of a Bose headphone and the stylish design of cool pair of sunglasses.

But now that wait is over.

When I first opened the box for the Bose Alto and Bose Rondo, I immediately noticed that the carrying case was of high quality materials and would not damage my sunglasses.

Inside the box comes a pouch with the charging cord, which simply attaches via a USB adapter. Simply connect the USB adapter to a computer or charger and plug the rechargeable connector in the side of the frame.

The sunglasses charge quickly, but in the meantime while your sunglasses are charging up, download the Bose Connect through the Apple Store or Android Market. You will need this to connect your sunglasses to your cellphone in order to connect them properly.

Once you have downloaded the app and your sunglasses are charged up, connecting via Bluetooth is a snap. The next thing you know you will be listening to your favorite music, podcast or video. Currently, I have been jamming out to Maître Gims.

I first tried out the Bose Rondo, which feature rounded lenses for a distinct look with a smaller fit, yet packs immersive sound. I also love the larger, more angular design of the Bose Alto.

What I mean by immersive sound is that Bose uses a custom-designed speaker in conjunction with a series of patented acoustic chambers and ports to steer audio into the listener’s ears from the temples of the glasses.

I was really blown away by the quality of the full and rich audio sounds, but also how little my colleagues could hear my music playing, even when they were standing right next to me.

Yet unlike many of my in-the-ear headphones, when you are wearing the Bose Alto or Rondo, not only will you be able to hear your music, you can also make and receive telephone calls from your cellphone. There is no need to pick up your phone!

Another cool feature that I really loved when wearing my Bose sunglasses was that I just felt more aware of my surroundings. With the open-ear audio design. I could still hear the cars horns honking or people talking around me.

Yet at the same time, I could still hear my music being played perfectly. For me, I just felt safer than I ever had when wearing in-the-ear headphones.

In addition to the amazing sound pumping out of my Bose headphones, the premium lenses are clearly designed for the sun. The Bose frames block up to 99% of UVA/UVB rays and the lenses are shatter- and scratch-resistant. No more worrying about my eyes when I am out in the sun.

When using the Bose Frames, the one button control makes it so easy to power on and off, accept and reject calls, play and pause your music and even access Siri or Google Assistant. It is really easy to do and makes for a great listening experience by only having to worry about one button.

I am also really excited to try out the Bose AR platform. The AR platform is first-of-its-kind audio augmented reality platform that makes astonishing new audio experiences possible. Thanks to the combination of wearable audio products, mobile devices, and integrated apps, Bose AR can augment content for your ears instead of your eyes. That sounds pretty cool to me. Get it, sounds. Ha, ha, ha.

So if you are looking for a really unbelievable sound and visual experience, then you ought to no doubt check out the Bose Sunglasses now available at Best Buy.

For more information on the Bose Rondo frames click here and for more detailed information on the Bose Alto frames click here.