No Doubt I Love Brussels Sprouts

If you are looking for a little green in your Big Green Egg, then no doubt it is time to grill up whole stalk Brussels sprouts.

You see, not long ago, my doctor told me that I should add a little more green vegetables and fiber into my diet. And I absolutely love to make vegetables and other non-meats in my Big Green Egg, so why not give this try.

So I said to my self, “What is green and that can go into my Big Green Egg?” And my self replied Brussels sprouts. Get it green? Big Green Egg? Sometimes I crack myself up like an EGG.

So off I went to find a whole stalk of Brussels sprouts. After striking out at two grocery stores, I found a whole stalk of Brussels sprouts at a Trader Joe’s and it was it only $3.99 for the entire stalk.

While my XL Big Green Egg was warming up for a direct cook of 350 Fahrenheit, I slathered the entire stalk with extra virgin olive oil, freshly ground kosher salt and black pepper. That’s it. Easy peasy prep for me.

Another alternative that I have seen for whole stalk Brussels sprouts is to also wrap the stalk with bacon. Oh my, that sounds like a great idea.

Once I was ready to grill, I placed the entire stalk into the Big Green Egg and closed the lid for the first 20 minutes. I then rotated the stalk ever five or so minutes until all sides were nicely grilled. Total cook time was 45 minutes.

Once the whole stalk Brussels sprouts were just the way I like them, I took a kitchen scissors and cut them off the stalk.

You might be seeing more veggies in my feed, but don’t worry, I can still eat red meat twice a week!