I am in agony and pain
when the distance between us is real.
Though you’re only across a few towns
my tears flow like a broken dyke

or perhaps the drizzling rain.
But words cannot express how I feel –
butterflies, goosebumps, smiles or frowns
yet we have grow to love from like.

‘Oer the pond I came on a plane
to hug, to kiss, your soft touch is surreal
And I hoped my wijf you would be might –
without you in my life I would so drown.

Our love for each other is hard to explain
through distance, the rain, pain…we’re diff’rent but alike.

Once of my favorite writing exercises is to have three random words given to me as a way to try to weave them all together. This poem was inspired by Anna, who gave me the three words: pain, rain and distance.