To love someone unconditionally
is the most spectacular feeling,
to know that there are no hidden
agendas, that you give yourself wholly
to the person that calls you theirs.

For that love is something
that can only happen once
to someone in a lifetime and for me
it wasn't until you came into my life,
that I truly understood the meaning of the
word 'unconditional' for this is what
I experience with you, my love, on the

You...Anna...without you I would be lost
in the Port of Urk...bobbing up and down, the
same way that a ship gently rolls as the time comes
in...without direction...without safety...without

With you I feel safe.
With you I feel secure.
With you I feel moored with you.

You are my anchor...not
the kind that sinks you and drowns
you, but the one that grounds me,
the one that provides stability...
the one that holds on...the one
that stands firmly...even in

the eye of the remain beacon of
'Song of Repair' never say
that without you I would be lost...for that is
a tragic misstatement of the truth...for
without you...I would be adrift at sea...

without hope for survival...without direction...
without hope to one day anchor with
the Port of we bob together as the 
tidal waves synch to our one.