We stood outside staring
at the facade of the broken down
dilapidated building.

Although the facade said
“Closed for Renovations”
it is you, my love,
that gave me a new lease on life.

We looked at the old, rickety building,
but we knew it had good bones.

We walked in hand-in-hand
with our tools that we
have built together…
the tools of friendship
the tools of laughter,
the tools of reading to one another
as the stars twinkle, until the moon sets
and the sun shouts
“Good morning, Sunshine.”

As we walked in, you noticed
the building in and of itself,
had a good core to it.

We began taking down
the hardened plaster
of the last 30 years,
bit by bit,
piece by piece,
removing the dust
removing the grime
removing all that had been
the facade
known as my life.

You chiseled the way
and I chiseled with you.

Together we were able
to remove that dirt,
that grime
that dust
and all of the negative things
that were once on display
outside and inside
old rickety theater,
a theater that was nothing
more than an illusion
only showing a continual loop of what
was not reality
nothing more than
fiction playing upon my screen of life.

As we continued to chisel
the plaster came crashing down
faster and faster
more than we had ever
even thought was possible.

And once the plaster was down on the ground,
we sat and stared at one another
and you, my love,
revealed the inner beauty
of this building,
and the four corners
of my
and soul.

What remained of this old, rickety building
was now just the studs, yet the studs were
still were filled with splinters,
splinters that you delicately removed with
your heart, your mind and your
precious touch.

Once we had the splinters removed,
we still had to rebuild the walls,
the walls that now were now
was our home.

We built the walls
we built the floor
we built the roof above our heads
so that way we had our own
safe place.

One that we knew was built with love
where the walls were not built
with hardened plaster
but with the most delicate paper
that we could write on, to be filled with
poetry and recipes and drawings
such as the number six and mano a mano,
as in you and I
and our family together
that we built something
and it was souly

So although
the sign on the facade said “Closed for Renovations”
there was no hesitation
that I would not have
wanted to build this life with you.

For it is you,
as my foundation,
my roof
my walls
my life
and there is nothing more in the world
that I want to do except to tear down
that facade outside as it is nothing more
than a marquee telling people you are
open or closed
or just what is coming soon.

So let’s take off that marque
that facade that says
“Closed for Renovations”
as my heart is always and
only open for you.

This poem is written for Anna. It is part of National/Global Poetry Writing Month which is held every April. The prompt comes from NaPoWriMo.Net, where it was to take a photo from the Twitter account @SpaceLiminalBot and write about the minimalistic space.