I felt defeated,
Stuck in the cold room with skeletons
hidden in the closet.
I was washed out,
Blindly following the script forced upon me,
An actor in a poor spectacle where
everything was about keeping up appearances.

All I could see was an exit sign at the end
Shining brightly while everything else was covered
with darkness that has been cast upon me for the last 30 years.

Whoever said the phrase when one door closes,
another opens was right.
The one I opened three decades ago though
should have always remained shut to begin with.

All the signs were there,
From the beginning.
Red alerts in my head.
Feeling that this wasn’t IT,
Nor something that I wanted. 

Yet I allowed to get myself
trapped in this dark room,
Didn’t believe there was a way out. 

Now I know, I should have never been enclosed,
Wondering if you, my love, are waiting
on the other side of that exit sign.

Prior to meeting you,
I was like a prisoner
Gently banging with metal cup
against the bars of my cell
Trying to incite a riot,
Dreaming about freedom.

The eternal night with its phantoms
I had feared for so long had enveloped me.

And you… you were the light…
You brought me hope and strength
I knew now that one day
I will be able to abandon the dark years
and leave them behind me.

I focused on taking one step in front of the other 
slowly finding myself again.
Once reaching the door frame
I knew there is a choice to be made
Either continue taking steps on the path of changes
Or turn around and go back to my misery.

I chose you,
I chose freedom,
I chose to walk hand in hand
with you through the light,
Getting out of the darkness for good. 

Together we threw away the key to the past
One that was not fulfilling, nor meaningful.
A bad movie with only one leading role
Worth nothing else but the Golden Raspberry Award.

Now we are moving forward,
Together at once.

I’m standing here amazed by you,
For you’re everything that anyone
could ever desire
And I am yours, unconditionally,
Until time comes when there’s nothing left in me
And my hourglass is empty,
Till I will be nothing more than just being brought back to the earth.

I love you more than words could ever describe,
Words that could ever be cast upon the sky
Written by an airplane with biggest letters
trailing with smoke for all the world to see.

And that is what it means
To be brought into the light by you,
My savior.
My guardian.
My lover.
My friend.
My love…

This is a poem for Anna for National\/Global Poetry Writing Month. This was also using the same prompt from yesterday, by looking at the minimalistic photo. And a special thank you to my love, Anna, for her guidance, support and being the most amazing partner ever. I love you.