I started at your toes
 Delicately working my fingers
 Into the arch of your foot,
 tickling your
 Mind with my words.
 I took a left at your
 Right knee, slowly
 Fondling your brain
 With stories of baking
 And cooking and 
 Changing the sheets once
 We made it home 
 From our journey.
 I took a sharp right
 As I circled around your
 Let hip as my wicked tongue
 begged for a bathroom break,
 not because I had to go
 but because I wanted to
 lift you up,
 press you against the wall
 in the Shell
 off of N50.
 My hands now firmly at
 The wheel, I tiptoed across your
 Taught belly, saying hello
 To the goosebumps
 And the butterlflies
 Welcoming them along
 Our journey.
 I traced a path along your ribs,
 underneath your breasts
 And our labored breaths
 Filled up the window
 To our hearts,
 With the dampness
 And dewiness of memories
 of our first hug, our first kiss,
 the first time we made love,
 the first time we made dinner
 for the other and the first of many
 more to come.
 I touched your heart
 And while one would think
 That the journey was over
 This was just the beginning,
 As I felt your delicate heart
 Beating in synch with mine
 Yet the way to love for us
 is to continue our journey,
 take the fork in the road
 at your collar bone
 climb your neck,
 take the second turn
 at the roundabout
 of your left ear
 until I have parked
 in the carport
 of your sapiosexual
 Only until then
 Would I remain lost,
 Yet you always know
 How to provide the right
 Directions and guide us to
 Our final destination. 

This poem is for the Day 30 prompt from NaPoWriMo.net and is about directions to someplace. This is also for Anna as she knows the directions to my heart.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash