I was a secret child
one who struggled -
with self,
with God,
and my own
sense of purpose.
Now I am free
newly hatched,
from my shell,
- leapt off
the tree of life,
spreading my wings
for the first time
I am your lover
and friend,
one that dreamed dreams
of true love,
a pure love -
aging together
living together
laughing together -
Your secret eyes,
my secret eyes,
always questioning
yet always loving
without saying
a word.
We don’t need to be
free of anonymity,
for the world
to see –
for us, all we need
is our peace
is our love
and our tranquility. 

This poem was a poetry prompt to edit a previous version of a poem you have written. I took this poem of mine and added some additional items for National Poetry Writing Month. This is also for Anna.