I fell in love
 with words,
 the way they come
 together like
 ying and yang,
 under the forest
 I survived by learning
 New words, whereas
 My tongue would cut
 Through the overgrown
 Lexiconic Forest
 while carrying
 nothing more than
 a backpack full
 of consonants
 And vowels.
 When I hear
 Or read your words,
 It brings me back to my
 Days of youth
 Reading the dictionary
 Or the cyclopedia,
 Hunting in the thesaurus
 wilderness searching
 For meaning.
 Each word you string
 Together under the
 Forest canopy
 has purpose,
 A relation to the
 The other day
 I imagined you dipping
 Your beatific hand
 Into my backpack full
 Of letters and pulling
 Out two consonants
 And two vowels
 To spell what your
 Words and my words
 Mean to both of us –

This poem is for National and Global Poetry Writing Month for 2021. I fell in love with words as well as Anna.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash