Here you will find a poem or two or perhaps a pithy haiku

Within The Mirror

Within the mirror, shattered dreams I see…
…a child and man, searching for meaning.

Broken is the glass, longing to cut me…
…crying for help, my dreams I am cleaning.

Swept under the rug and in the dust pan…
…shards of broken dreams, a life unwelcome.

Broken glass and life, thrown in the trash can…
…slivers of glass, in my wrist I welcome….

From Death Within

We all know Death.
She touches us in different ways.
Death can come quickly…
…or be quite prolonged.
We all know her.

We cannot escape Death.
Despite new advances.
Or new medications…
…we are not resistant.
We cannot escape her.

We try to fight Death.
Struggling to hold on.
Another fleeting moment…
…with you at my side.
We cannot fight her.

We give…

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