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Destination: An Ode to American Airlines

I wander aimlessly, without direction.
All around me I see planned chaos.
Today’s destination, “Where am I going?”
“Follow the leader,” a hurried answer.

“Trust me,” as words were uttered in my ear.
Instinctively I cautiously react.
“Trust is developed over the years,” I say.
A gentle nod, a push ~ a coaxing prod.

I take my seat, it’s…

My Neck Hurts From Whiplash.

In addition to my day job, as well as continuing to write a fair amount or haikus and poems, I’ve been busy connecting networks to both Klout and Influenster to try to get a further glimmer in to their scoring algorithms.

As a follow up to my post Dear Social Media Gurus: Got Influence?, I continue to evaluate the meaning of my Klout, Kred, Empire Avenue and Influenster online…

Dear Social Mediu Gurus: Got Influence?

Return on Influence? What about Return on Poetry?
I’m not sure about you, but I’ve recently become fascinated by all of the various sites that are trying to measure influence.

It seems like every several months, there is a new site popping up to boast about how they can measure influence. First, I received an invitation to Klout and then signed…

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